Hear The Stone Whisper at Whispering Land

‘Local Table’ Eating to Help Farmers is one of the world’s sustainable eating trends. People began to combine nature. Note that more chefs and restaurants around the world are turning to local ingredients. If you want to give an example, Stone & Style restaurant invites you to travel to Samphran, a small district in Nakhon Pathom Province. Where there are small shops In a garden designed to be connected with nature by the best gardeners in Thailand And serve food made from fresh seasonal ingredients

“Whispering Land” is the new family’s garden, the owner of Little Tree Garden, an English-style garden on the edge of the Tha Chin River. By having an excellent gardener such as Khun Wit-Siriwit Ribumrung, who fused dreams with the love of nature of the family He has cultivated this garden with love, understanding and deep knowledge of landscaping that has been loved and connected since a young age. He therefore intends to convey this bond through the whisper of nature, as the name has been lovely.

Within the Whispering Land there is a corner for the nursery for trees for visitors. ‘In the hand’ go home according to Thai proverb And divided the area into an art school and planted flowers according to the dream of Khun Pim-Sirilak (older sister), who intends to plant houses for children to shelter from the rain, has become “Whispering Cafe”, a single-storey white gable house that The open plan is designed to connect with the surrounding landscape. Warmth with timeless materials like wood and zinc. The interior walls are still simple white. Add charm to the space with a subtle black quartz countertop from #StoneAndStyle Strong material innovation that can directly touch food in Modern Luxury style aesthetic.

Not only flowers Within the Whispering Land area, a wide variety of herbs and plants are also planted, such as olive, lemon, citrus, rosemary, and rosemary, where Khun Wit and Khun Pim combine these nature into both savory and sweet dishes. By bringing garden herbs and seasonal ingredients to switch to make the menu exciting, such as coffee, coconut flower bouquet Orange Juice The most famous one is the Sesbania flower cake. Unique modern Thai flavor cake

Stone & Style believes that the trees and local ingredients that blend into every detail of this Whispering Land are more than just nature. It will also take root and send inspiration to create a dream space in every heart of tree lover. We are very proud to be honored by Khun Wit-Siriwit Reibamrung to join us in creating the space of dreams. Please stay tuned for fun opening up all your creativity here soon.