Break All Boundaries : #Black is your new comfort zone

It is said, Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

When is the last time you have moved away from the comfortable space?

The kitchen has been changing its role from the secret place to the center of the house. Choosing dark colors to break the rules of traditional one gives you a new feeling. It is also a hot trend in 2020, according to world-class designers.



Black decorates the kitchen with a unique identity beyond every comfort zone. Black reveals a mysterious charm that will never fade. It can add not only elegance and hotness but a classic atmosphere at the same time.

Silestone understands aesthetic and timeless elegance. They develops and seals patterns that stop every breath in the Silestone Eternal Marquina. The deep black quartz top counters are shiny and beautiful. It is inserted with white lines that add a personality to the material surface.

Not only the natural patterns created by artisans, but Silestone also produces eternal Marquina with N-Boost technology that combines superior technical features and aesthetics. The color does not fade, resistant to water, liquid, and flame, as well as being less porous, which reduces the accumulation of germs. And you can directly put the food since it is guaranteed by world-class certifications, such as NSF standards that confirm hygiene sanitation, Greenguard standards that ensure that no harmful substances are released and ISO 14001 standards.

Stone & Style invites you to step beyond your comfort zone and open all senses with the charm of the black kitchen. With Silestone Eternal Marquina, innovative materials are ready to release all the potential to timeless beauty for all ages. Experience the power of modern luxurious black at the Stone & Style Concept Store on G floor, Gaysorn Village.”