The guide to remodeling your kitchen

“The current situation has changed the way of our life a lot. We believe the kitchen become an essential place at home. It is a good opportunity to start improving the kitchen to fight against germs at full capacity. 

It is time to prepare for the dream kitchen. Let us show the five simple steps to improve the kitchen.

Know your kitchen

Know the common problems in the kitchen and the strengths that will add value. American real estate industry says, “”Kitchens sell homes.”” which means one of the most significant returns on investment in your home comes from kitchen remodels.


Think where to fix

Choose the point you want to fix, such as a cupboard, kitchen floor, or countertop. Usually, the budget for the kitchen should be set aside 5-15% of the total home improvement.

Touch the material

You may start by looking for images. For the perfect kitchen, visit our Concept Store and feel in your eyes, ears, and hands. The experts wait for you to find the right materials.

Reflect your favorite

Sync, plug, gas stove, and ventilation are all crucial details for the hygiene and the beauty of the kitchen. We understand your taste and space and suggest the perfect materials and style.

Complete kitchen

After finishing the water system, electricity, flooring, locker installation, and countertop, electrical appliances such as refrigerators and ovens can be placed.

To deliver the best safety to customers, the company has determined that all employee wears masks, gloves, and tight clothing. As well as disinfect before every work, both in the factory and in the worksite of the client’s home.

Find decorative materials for a comfortable kitchen. You can visit our Concept Store, G Floor Gaysorn Village, or contact via email Sales@stonemakessense.com or call: 662 870 7777.”