Design pal service at the art of modern luxury surfaces

“See first with your mind, then with your eyes, and finally with your body.” – Yagyu Munemori.

They were unaware of the strength of the occupant and is prepared to fight the strongest. The samurai of the Edo period had these kind words.

In the past, being a samurai was considered a prestigious profession. A warrior must master both science and art. He swung his sword with one hand and let the flower bloom with the other. If a samurai is alive today, we believe this is a cool profession that is ready to take care of people’s happiness with highly trained skills.



How nice it would be if you had an all-around samurai-level designer for your home decoration. With both the science of innovation and durable materials, as well as the art of architectural decoration, space can show its perfect identity.

At The Art of Modern Luxury Surface by Stone and Style, seven design pal have teamed up to advise you on every application and color your home with innovative materials. Contact us for more details.